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Access Health Mission: Cost-Effective Alternative Therapies

Access Health exists to help people achieve their health goals. By providing a cost-effective and a unique Hybrid delivery system of proven methods that will allow clients to realise their health potential. This potential can be achieved within the clients’ home or in a therapy room. The success of Access Health is the ability to assist in the client’s journey to access a state of health both mentally and physically by utilising communication and assessment and then agreeing on a method that will allow an optimal outcome.

Access Health Aims

  • Utilising suitable modalities depending on client needs, such as Hypnotherapy, Nutritional Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Meditation, and Cognitive Behavioural Techniques, whilst Incorporating the most up to date equipment such as Biofeedback and state of the art recording equipment to enhance and deliver sessions more effectively.
  • Providing a comfortable service where clients can see immediate progress and build upon to gain a state of health.
  • Continue to build a sound client base, by reputation and success.
  • Listen to every client’s need’s and adjust the delivery to best suit the individual at all times.
  • Continue to work within the codes of conduct provided by regulation and governing bodies absolutely and without exception.
  • Assist in raising the health and wellbeing of the greater community by making private therapy affordable.
  • Working with Veterans and Uniformed services by providing a unique personalised program that bridges the gap where conventional funded organisations are insufficient or fail with catastrophic outcomes.

 >>Common Presenting Complaints:

  • Stress
  • General Anxiety Disorders
  • Weight Loss
  • Anger
  • PTSD
  • Post Physical Trauma / Recovery
  • Illness Recovery / Prevention
  • Manage Allergies
  • Habit Sensation
  • Depression
  • Confidence
  • Phobia

Speciality, pre-planned programs:

  • Stress Management for Group, Individual and Seminar **
  • Meditation and Mindfulness for Group, Individual and Seminar**
  • Tapping into Health for Group Individual and Seminar**
  • Hypno Band Weight Loss
  • Reach Your Goal (Self Improvement technique)
  • Back in the Driver seat (Post road traffic incident recovery)
  • Smoking (Cessation Program)
  • Uniformed Service Support Program (Volunteer assistance program to address specific work-related stress for those that serve our community)
  • Pre-recorded Audio or Bespoke Hypnotherapy and Guided Meditation tracks, addressing key issues that you can experience in comfort and in your own time, as many times as you wish.
  • Personal Peace Procedure (A mind and body journey that starts with the gift of self-care and intent)

** For Group and Seminar enquiries, please contact for a discussion and information pack.